About us

More than 25 years of experience in twowheeler business

Falko BV is an import and export company with international operations, particularly in the bicycle industry. As well as that, we also import and export products for the DIY market.

Falko has more than 25 years of business experience. The company was founded in 1983 and has broadened its product range over the years.

Our product range includes various brands, each with their own ‘look and feel’. On top of that, we also offer products with a private label, letting us make the products that you order fit your company better.

Falko has its own production facilities, mostly in China. The company focuses on the two-wheeler industry in particular, but we also import and export products for the DIY market. We can offer an extensive range of products thanks to our many years of experience in these industries. And there are no lengthy delivery times either, thanks to the regular shipments and our long-term relationships with reliable suppliers.

Falko is a flexible company, with the right people in the right places. That is why we are also able to respond our customers’ requirements from various market segments. Many of our suppliers are already familiar with our just-in-time mentality, which benefits our customers. Working with Falko lets you are respond quickly to market developments and innovations! 

Delivery from China

Many of the products that Falko imports are made in China. Our excellent contacts with various Chinese factories plus over 15 years of experience in importing products from the Chinese market mean we can offer high-quality products at attractive prices.

Because we have our own office in Hong Kong and a representative office in Guangzhou, we can also check quality requirements while the goods are being produced. 


Falko BV was founded in 1983; it originated as a family business, a two-wheeler shop. The company started by selling stickers for pedal-powered and motorised bicycles, for which there was quite a demand at the time. Falko later became an agent in Germany for a Dutch printing company, where it mainly sold transfer stickers to bicycle factories. 

Falko broadened its product range extensively after1992, initially to include locks and then also other products like lighting, bicycle computers and other accessories. The trading with China started during this period when the product range was being expanded. So we now have more than 15 years of experience in importing from China. 

Falko’s imports still come mainly from China, but we also import products from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and the United States. Our customers are also spread across a variety of European countries. We currently sell mainly in the Benelux countries, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.